samedi 31 décembre 2011

I think I love that my last post was in July. That's like a post a semester. Truly remarkable...

As the new year is approaching, or already approached in my primary time zone, I've been thinking long and hard about the things I want to do differently this year.

First, I'll lose about seven pounds starting January 1. I've always been extremely attentive to my weight, but I think amidst all of the stress of this past semester, I've gained a few pounds that I don't really want.

Second, I finally got my hands on the Nikon FM10 that was stuck in the States. Fear of paying astronomical Customs' fees or the French losing it in Customs prevented me from obtaining it sooner. So, I'll be working on my film photography skills. I've already started and am anxious to see the results of my first roll of film. Most probably a disaster, but an exciting one.

Third, fill my "coffee table" with cookbooks. Well, with books in general. I've gotten into a book buying kick, and I really want to buy things that are worthwhile. I want to be someone who ends up with a gigantic bookcase in their home. So, why not start now? I have a sort of bookcase already in my studio, so better now than later. I say cookbooks because I also want to try new recipes, so if you're interested in Parisian dinner parties, hit me up.

Fourth, pass the DALF C1. Then study for the LSATs. I've been thinking much more on how I'm going to structure my academic career most beneficially to incorporate these two tests as well as an internship. It's migraine-inducing but needs to be done before the holidays end.

And fifth, appreciate my family and friends, as always. I love you all.

Happy New Year and Bonne Année à tous!

I'll be looking into my Chinese horoscopes on my prospects for 2012...Need to start planning.

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