lundi 23 janvier 2012

fresh film.

Earlier this month, I promised to post some of the pictures I had taken with my recently acquired Nikon FM10 film camera.

Here's a few:

mercredi 18 janvier 2012

beige blast.

Anyone who has been around me for any period of time can discern that I dabble in some pretty wild nail colors.

I don't do manicures or pedicures because I hate sitting in seats. I fidget. Then I mess up my nails. Then I see how much of the polish I can peel off. It's just a lost expense for me.

mardi 17 janvier 2012

like butter.

Whenever I watch Top Chef, I always get the mood to throw down in the kitchen. Simultaneously while watching the shows, I'll head over to some recipe websites, finding the next recipe to be conquered.

Though I brought myself up to date on the recent season of Top Chef, I neglected some other grocery shopping. But with a few ingredients, I whipped up something that I'll be able to enjoy tomorrow, and, if it lasts, well into the week.

I really like this recipe because it's not as difficult as that boiling water recipe, and my friends have seemed to enjoy it. To my face at least. Instead of regular butter, it adds a new dimension to the meal.
"Where did you get that artisanal butter? It's magical!"
"Oh, this? I made it myself! It's my own recipe!"

You almost sound cultured. Or like a foodie, though they're really one in the same. :-P

Herbed Butter

What You'll Need:

-half a stick of unsalted or demi-sel butter
-chives, ciboulette
-1/2 shallots, échalote
-pepper, poivre

lundi 16 janvier 2012

sh*t bougie girls say.

Are there French versions of sh*t people say videos? I'll have to check on that.

This video is "Sh*t Bougie Girls Say." I have to admit, I think they missed a few things like my favorite phrase, "I cannot with <insert noun here>."

My favorite scene is that in the kitchen when he's shouting out the objects intended to be in the refrigerator. I have lived that moment several times in my parents' home. Apparently, balsamic vinegar and olive oil are not popular ingredients in my household. And sparkling water is just not consumed unless I buy it.

They also should have listed about where a "bougie" girl shops. There are preferences.
In the States:  Target>Walmart
though you can find pretty much the same things outside of clothing items
In Paris: Monoprix=Carrefour>Franprix>Dia
I think my Parisians can figure this one out. 

Anyways, back to the actual video.

I need to integrate "ratchet" into my vocabulary.

dimanche 15 janvier 2012


a blog reader that I enjoy. especially on insomniatic nights.
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/end transmission.

samedi 14 janvier 2012

listen: iggy azalea "the last song".


Back in high school, I made a pact with myself: Don't be caught dead with anything Vera Bradley. In college at the University of Georgia, I renewed my vows and again promised to never subscribe to anything Vera even though every girl around me seemed to (along with Longchamp and Northface). Fast forward to the present day...

Vera is in my life.

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

nyt: straight talk.

Image courtesy of

Came across a very interesting article in the New York Times today discussing the bloggers in men's fashion.
I've been following a couple of these bloggers, but it's nice to be introduced to a few others that inspire.

The main defining feature of these bloggeurs is that they approach men's fashion with a masculine angle not often presented on the runways. I find that many men can't even touch the subject of shopping without a bit of fear and uncertainty. These men will guide you through all of that.

New discovery: Jake Davis' Test Shots. Exactly what I need in the AM.

If you have the time, check out the article and the bloggers.
"Straight Talk: A New Breed of Fashion Bloggers"