mardi 17 janvier 2012

like butter.

Whenever I watch Top Chef, I always get the mood to throw down in the kitchen. Simultaneously while watching the shows, I'll head over to some recipe websites, finding the next recipe to be conquered.

Though I brought myself up to date on the recent season of Top Chef, I neglected some other grocery shopping. But with a few ingredients, I whipped up something that I'll be able to enjoy tomorrow, and, if it lasts, well into the week.

I really like this recipe because it's not as difficult as that boiling water recipe, and my friends have seemed to enjoy it. To my face at least. Instead of regular butter, it adds a new dimension to the meal.
"Where did you get that artisanal butter? It's magical!"
"Oh, this? I made it myself! It's my own recipe!"

You almost sound cultured. Or like a foodie, though they're really one in the same. :-P

Herbed Butter

What You'll Need:

-half a stick of unsalted or demi-sel butter
-chives, ciboulette
-1/2 shallots, échalote
-pepper, poivre

First, you'll want your butter slightly softened, so either cut the butter into smaller pieces at the start, or let the butter sit before you cut.
By refrigerator doesn't get that cold, so I can usually start by cutting the butter and letting it sit while I prepare the other ingredients.

Next, chop the chives and mince the shallots. Let those rest aside.

Sprinkle, to taste, the pepper on top of the butter. I usually put 2-3 pinches of pepper.
I also add a little Mrs. Dash spice mix (the yellow bottle), but it's not everywhere, and for this butter, I opted not to put it in.

Once the butter is soft, mash it together using a fork. Add chives and shallots and continue mashing and folding the butter until it is well mixed.

Then, eat with your favorite bread (I like the baguette au pavot.) or store for later eating!
Honestly, it's incredibly easy, but looks super fancy for the diners. Happy eating!

I think I might try doing a weekly wine tasting. One bottle a week? Time flies, but I liked recognizing some French wines in the United States, so why not try and really get to know my wines?