mercredi 11 janvier 2012

j'en ai besoin.

I've been on a sneaker wedge kick lately. I loved the too highly priced Isabel Marant pairs, but figured that the style would never come in an acceptable form at a lower price. So I resigned myself to lower heeled athletic alternatives.

The shoe brand Ash has been releasing some pretty nice sneaker wedges, but I've had trouble finding the pairs I want online in my size. I'll cross my fingers and hope that I can find them in some French boutiques.

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 But, I now have a new hope. Marc by Marc Jacobs held their Spring 2012 Ready to Wear runway show in September, and put a few sneaker wedges on the runway. And I'm excited. They have a Nike Air Force One feel, but a bit more slender and more feminine. I would touch the real Air Force Ones with a ten-foot pole. I'm sure they feel the same way. I'm hoping they won't be as heavy as they look. Mobility is important to me as I'm constantly walking or biking somewhere. Sore feet and ankles are not a possibility.

At 320EUR, they're still a bit pricey, but about half as much as Marant's version.
Pre-order at Luisaviaroma for delivery by February in red and multicolor! I'm going to hold out for the white pair.

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