samedi 14 janvier 2012


Back in high school, I made a pact with myself: Don't be caught dead with anything Vera Bradley. In college at the University of Georgia, I renewed my vows and again promised to never subscribe to anything Vera even though every girl around me seemed to (along with Longchamp and Northface). Fast forward to the present day...

Vera is in my life.

 I've been "collecting" my share of bookbags over the years, then switched to large purses and totes in the later years of high school and college. But let me tell you...large purses can wear down a healthy back. Once I purchased my bicycle, I realized I needed to rethink my book carriers.

For the last 6 months, I've been going through my share of bags to determine which would be the best for biking. Turns out, the UO backpack that I purchased is the best for school/work, but terrible for nights out, light packing, etc. If I carry a book, I have to move from the purse to the backpack, and then I fill the backpack with nonessentials just because...

Hopefully, with this smaller backpack, I'll enjoy carrying things around. Mostly, I'll probably enjoy keeping the weight limit down.

The "Suzani" pattern is simple and large, something I didn't see in the other patterns shown online. The colors were bright, but not fluorescent. I don't feel like I'm deciphering a code, which, to me, is the downfall of many VB patterns. There's just too much going on.

I've managed to fit my two cameras, wallet and a book, with some space for gloves or even a scarf. The magnetic flap is handy and the hidden zipper pocket on the back is also nice for storing valuables away from pick pockets, which are apparently treacherous in Paris. I've never experienced it.

I guess the point is is that sometimes you can make some concessions to long-held vows, as long as you do it wisely. Vera is still ruins the lives and outfits of many women today, but if you know how to work it well, then by all means, go for it. Don't hinder yourself.

A bit of a styling side note. If you're thinking about purchasing a VB bag, make sure you consider your outfit holistically. Since many of her bags feature a bright and busy pattern, consider toning down your outfit, making your bag the playful component. I like to wear black with my backpack, but that's an easy choice. If you are wary of the patterns, VB's "Vera Vera" collection offers styles in single colors.
Also, DO NOT bring a VB purse, clutch, bag, whatever, to a cocktail event. Some of these website photographs depict this as an okay thing to do. It's not.

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