mardi 12 juillet 2011


So, as I said before, I want Garnish to be more than food.
Voila, a little garnish in the form of coveted wearables.

This beautiful piece would be a creation of Nicholas King, British jeweler. I photographed this sometime in March, and its just one of many from his Autumn Winter 2011/2012 collection.

Any one of his pieces are standalone wonders, but come together very nicely.
This animal print, bejewelled, Eiffel Tower-ed wonder was my favorite bracelet from that collection.
I float toward geometric pieces and simplicity. And the inside print is enough spaz that I'm comfortable pairing it with a black dress, black heels and calling it a day. That's just the kind of girl I am.

Note: It seems that his online shop is having a sale on a few items, so head on over to grab some pieces you may like. There is even a pair of cuff links for men that I'm a bit fond of myself.

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